E. Jean Carroll Sues Trump for Defamation

Photo by Michelle Ding on Unsplash

ournalist E. Jean Carroll is suing President Donald Trump for defamation nearly five months after accusing him of raping her in a Bergdorf Goodman dressing room 23 years ago.

Carroll filed the lawsuit against Trump on Monday for reportedly damaging both her reputation and her career by denying the sexual assault allegation. When Carroll first revealed this long-held secret back in June, the President claimed the assault couldn’t have happened because Carroll isn’t his “type.”

He then went on to allege that the writer had fabricated the whole story in order to sell a new book she had just published. Trump even insisted that he had never met E. Jean, despite the fact that the two of them had been photographed together in the ’80s. When that lie clearly did not pan out, the President went political, suggesting that Carroll was working with the Democratic Party to destroy him.

According to the lawsuit, Trump’s comments “injured the reputation on which she makes her livelihood and attracts readers.” Carroll, an advice columnist, says being branded a liar by the President of the United States has caused a 50% drop in readers seeking her advice.

The lawsuit insists that the President’s remarks “are fully consistent with his tried-and-true playbook for responding to credible public reports that he sexually assaulted women.”

While Carroll cannot press assault charges against Trump because it is now past the statute of limitations, she has made it clear that she will still hold him accountable for his lies, not only for herself, but also for every other woman in this country.

“This lawsuit is not only about me,” Carroll proclaimed. “I am filing this on behalf of every woman who has ever been harassed, assaulted, silenced, or spoken up only to be shamed, fired, ridiculed and belittled.”

“No person in this country should be above the law — including the president.”

Freelance writer covering culture, politics, and LGBTQ+ rights. catherineann.caruso@gmail.com

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