J.K. Rowling Threatened to Sue Kids Site For Implying She’s Transphobic

The website has since been forced to issue an apology.

Engaging in the very cancel culture she has often decried on Twitter and in the cursed Harper’s letter, Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling threatened to sue The Day — a British news site for kids — for libel.

Rowling’s lawyers claimed that the website published an article that implied she was transphobic. The article in question was titled “Potterheads cancel Rowling after trans tweet.”

The Day has since issued a formal apology, claiming that the article was meant to spark debate about whether or not it is possible to enjoy art produced by “deeply unpleasant people.”

“We did not intend to suggest that JK Rowling was transphobic or that she should be boycotted,” The Day’s statement read.

“We accept that our comparisons of J.K. Rowling to people such as Picasso, who celebrated sexual violence, and Wagner, who was praised by the Nazis for his antisemitic and racist views, were clumsy, offensive and wrong.”

Despite the hasty apology, Rowling has indeed published a plethora of transphobic comments as of late on social media and in a lengthy essay she self-published last month.

In June, she posted a series of outraged tweets after a Devex article used the inclusive language “people who menstruate,” which aims to acknowledge that cis women are not the only people who have periods.

During that same tweet storm, Rowling also falsely claimed that cisgender women are being erased and has insisted that activists are suddenly claiming that sex isn’t real.

Since then, she has come out against the use of hormone replacement therapy, citing junk science to claim that it’s dangerous and has even falsely claimed that young people are somehow being forced to medically transition, using people who have detransitioned — oftentimes for unrelated conditions—to justify her claims.

Not to mention, Rowling publicly went after trans author Jennifer Boylan on Twitter after she decided she no longer wanted to be associated with the notorious Harper’s letter.

Rowling has gone out of her way on countless occasions to peddle hateful rhetoric that is ultimately harmful to the trans community.

In some ways, her comments have given license to others to hurl slurs and hate speech at trans and nonbinary people online, as is well-demonstrated in the comments of her tweets.

Some of her supporters have even championed her as a defender of cis women, calling her brave, but that is simply not the case. Her remarks haven’t helped anyone.

If anything, she has only helped to justify the transphobia of others.

So while she has clearly gone to great lengths to attempt to convince the public that she is not transphobic, her words and actions say otherwise.

Freelance writer covering culture, politics, and LGBTQ+ rights. catherineann.caruso@gmail.com

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