Trump Sides with Indicted Oligarch Over U.S. Diplomat

Image via Pixabay

an imaginably unsurprising turn of events, President Donald Trump has once again sided with a foreign power over his own government and intelligence community. Trump retweeted an explosive allegation made by an indicted Ukrainian oligarch, who claims a U.S. diplomat provided false information about the oligarch.

The diplomat in question is the U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Bill Taylor, who is also one of the House Democrats’ key witnesses in the impeachment inquiry.

According to DC talk radio host Scott Adams, Taylor allegedly lied about Dmytro Firtash, the Ukrainian natural gas baron, in a cable to the State Department back in 2008. In the cable, Taylor wrote that Firtash admitted to having ties to organized crime leader Seymon Mogilevich. Firtash has since publicly denied those claims on multiple occasions, but has never mentioned Taylor by name. In 2014, Firtash was charged with organizing a conspiracy to bribe government officials in India.

While unrelated to Firtash’s indictment, the tweet threatens to attack Taylor’s credibility as a reliable witness in the impeachment inquiry against Trump. Despite these allegations, the Justice Department has ultimately sided with Taylor, making it clear that this recent tweet is yet another desperate attempt by Trump and his supporters to cast doubt upon the impeachment inquiry’s legitimacy and credibility.

When asked about his sources for this allegation against the impeachment inquiry’s star witness, Adams only said that his “sources are solid Foggy Bottom people.”

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