Vatican Insists Bishops Delay Vote On Sex Abuse Reforms

The Vatican has instructed U.S. Catholic Bishops to refrain from voting on key reform measures, which aim to hold bishops accountable for covering up thousands of cases of child sexual abuse committed by fellow clergy members, until February 2019.

In response to this shocking and unprecedented announcement, Cardinal Daniel DiNardo, who broke the news to over 200 Catholic Bishops on Sunday, expressed his dismay in the Vatican’s intervention, calling the delay a “bump in the road.”

These measures and proposals come in light of the Pennsylvania Grand Jury report issued and released in August, which identified the names of over 300 Catholic priests in Pennsylvania who have been accused of child sexual abuse over the last 60 years. According to the report, the Bishops in the Catholic Church were aware of these countless allegations and actively sought to cover them up for decades.

Despite this recent setback, however, Chicago Cardinal Blase Cupich does not plan on staying silent until the vote in February, noting that these reforms should still be critiqued and discussed. “We need as a conference, as brother bishops, to take up this issue for the good of the church in this country without delay,” he said.

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